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Professional Trajectory


  • MBA in Logistics, Supply Chain and Transport – IPOG – in progress

  • MBA Financial Management Auditing and Controlling – FGV – 2010

  • Bachelor of Business Administration and Foreign Trade – FESV - 2006

Lean Six Sigma Certified – YELLOW BELT


06/2023 a presente data 

  • MBA in Logistics, Supply Chain and Transport – IPOG – in progress

  • MBA Financial Management Auditing and Controlling – FGV – 2010

  • Bachelor of Business Administration and Foreign Trade – FESV - 2006

Lean Six Sigma Certified – YELLOW BELT


Reporte direto aos Sócios-diretores da empresa

  • Desenvolvimento de projetos focada e especializada na área da logística, com o objetivo de tornar as operações mais eficientes e práticas, aliando conhecimento às necessidades das empresas parceiras, realizando projetos tais como:

  • Avaliação, seleção e implantação de software para Logística;

  • Gestão estratégica de estoques;

  • GCL - Gestão de Custos Logísticos;

  • Planejamento Estratégico de logística;

  • Elaboração de layouts e dimensionamento para CDs;

  • Implantação de remuneração variável por produtividade;

  • Definição e implantação de medidas de desempenho;

  • Estudos para otimização do setor de transportes;

  • Avaliação para otimização e dimensionamento de rotas;

  • Estudos para implantação de alternativas na gestão de transportes;


Exclusive distributor of Nestlé Products in the North region based in Manaus. Company of the Nova Era group, with 150 employees, serving all small and medium retailers in the states of Amazônia and Roraima through distribution and transport logistics.

08/2021 to date 

Logistics Manager

Reporting to the Director – Partner


  • Planning and execution of operations for receiving, picking, checking, dispatching and distributing orders.

  • Managing a team of 42 employees, including operators, assistants and analysts;

  • Control of the operational process, invoicing, routing and evaluation of results ensuring the functioning of the Star B program (program of excellence);

  • Responsible for the 5S of the entire warehouse, pest control, freight forwarders, ETI maintenance.

  • Responsible for hiring, promoting and firing employees.

  • Monitoring performance indicators, operational productivity and transportation KPI's;

  • Operational improvement action plans;

  • Monitoring of quality, quantity, stock levels, expiration, delivery times and transport costs;

  • Achieve cost, productivity, accuracy and punctuality targets;

  • Average picking of 50 tons/day of goods with daily shipments to Manaus, Roraima, river and road routes.

Outstanding Results

  • Implementation of the 5S philosophy in the warehouse;

  • Reduction of loss costs (breakdowns) from R$ 150,000/year to R$ 80,000/year, in the first year.

  • Reorganization of routing schedules, order processing, picking and loading, generating more agility in the entire process and reducing waste of time and manpower.

  • Formation of a new team, improving the flow of information and keeping employees more aligned.

  • Successful Implementation of the WMS system, having been the only broker to carry out billing and receipt on the day of the turn. The accumulated sales of 1 week were put back in order with 2 days of the new system in operation.

  • Implementation of the preventive maintenance culture.

  • Installation of the internal promotion mentality with the operational team through the observation of talents and skills, generating in 1 year, 3 success stories.

  • Introduction to the feedback culture, operational mornings, monthly coffee with the manager of the operational team and weekly alignment meetings with the logistics administrative team.

  • For the second year, planning of one-on-one meetings is being created to align expectations and seek results.


01/2021 to 08/2021

Company of the Mercado Livre group, with national revenues of US$ 1.1 billion with 6 thousand employees, serving the entire national market through distribution and transport logistics, with a branch in Gaspar SC.

Team Leader (Logistics Supervisor)

Report to Site Leader (Branch Coordinator)


  • Planning and execution of operations, receipt, picking, confirmation, dispatch and distribution of orders.

  • Team management of 40 employees.

  • Assign a team to carry out tasks, aiming to meet the demands of the processing day, monitor overtime, target and reduce time for better management.

  • Provide feedback to the team, aiming at its professional growth.

  • Performance indicators.

  • Operational improvement action plans.

  • Moving and processing 5 to 10 thousand packages/day, loading 80 to 120 vehicles/day, Cross Docking and Full.

Outstanding Results

  • Improvement in the efficiency and speed of receipt and picking process through management tools, allocation and team incentive, accumulating in 45 days 2 performance records, reaching a processing of 3,200 packs per hour, 103 packs/hour per person.

  • 30% reduction in shipping/loading time from 1.5 hours to 1.03 hours.

ECIL trading

05/2019 to 11/2020

National company with activities focused on trade and services in the area of food, such as ingredients, fish and animal nutrition. Revenue of R$ 6 million with 50 employees, serving the entire national market with headquarters in São Paulo and a branch in Itajaí SC.

Logistics Supervisor

Report to the Import Manager located at headquarters


  • Responsible for purchasing supplies and negotiating with suppliers.

  • Team management.

  • Negotiation with carriers and management of deliveries at Brazil level.

  • Development of performance and cost indicators.

  • Management and planning of shipping and logistics activities.

  • Supervision of the unloading process, checking, movement, storage, control of expiration dates and

  • packaging of stock.

  • Monitor exchanges, returns, product malfunctions and issue tax documents.

  • Management of the branch operation in Itajaí with integration of the departments in the headquarters.

  • Creation of the Team Development Plan.

Outstanding Results

  • Reduction of storage costs both for dry ingredients and for the frozen fish area, changing suppliers of these services, reducing the impact by R$ 10/ton handled.

  • Improvements in the flow of processes and mapping of activities with the creation of process flowcharts.

  • 3% reduction in fractional freight of frozen cargo, analyzing and redesigning processes.

  • Improvements in the physical structures of the work environment both in the office and with the creation of structured support rooms inside the warehouses for continuous work.

  • The passing of an effective model to generate more prepared and motivated teams within the company. During this period one employee got promoted and a merit for another employee.

  • Presentation of a new work model with a reduction of BRL 1,000 / month in the fixed cost of the branch

LKW Logistics

07/2017 to 05/2019

Small national company with activities focused on fractional and dedicated transport services of

general and frozen cargo. Billing of BRL 2 million with 30 employees, serving the entire national market with current headquarters in Blumenau, previously headquartered in Itajaí SC.

Logistics analyst

Report to the CEO


  • Responsible for management, financial and operational controls.

  • Preparation and monitoring of indicators (operational, management and financial).

  • Creating logistic reports.

  • Responsible for the exclusive BRF operation in the states of Bahia, Espírito Santo and Piauí, supervising procedures, monitoring the closing of receipts and payments.

  • GIF BRF management – distribution and capacity indicators.

  • Market analysis through economic indicators of the sector.

  • Financial controls, issuance of Cte and Nfe and release of payments.

  • Negotiation and close relationship with carriers and aggregates.

Outstanding Results

  • Restructuring of indicator controls, with dynamic worksheets.

Makro Atacadista  

06/2010 to 08/2016

Company of the Dutch group SHV (Steenkolen Handels Vereeniging) and operates in 5 countries in South America: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela, currently with more than 130 stores. Revenue of R$ 6.5 billion with 500 employees, headquartered in São Paulo.

Logistics Coordinator

Report to the Import Manager located at headquarters


  • Monitoring the import process of goods, analyzing invoice, packing list, DI and CI.

  • Team management.

  • Verification at the EADI dry port of the products received by the exporter, observing the correct receipt and acting on possible damages.

  • Coordination of exchanges of container invoices and issuance of delivery DANFEs.

  • Cost analysis and freight quotes with new partners.

  • Interface of stores with the logistics operator, monitoring the progress and performance of carriers and acting in cases of deviations or claims.

  • Inventory control and goods with shortages, surpluses and damages (claims).

  • Review and compliance with corporate guidelines always seeking to reduce costs in transport, distribution, storage and handling.

  • Preparation and implementation of procedures for monitoring the logistics operator.

  • Coordination of the reception, distribution and dispatch process at the DC.

  • Coordination of storage and transport logistics procedures.

  • Interaction with HR, store management, cross docking and supply chain areas.

Outstanding Results

  • Improvement in the area of receipt and distribution of goods through segregation of products by categories and merger by type, increasing 50% in the cost benefit of transport to 80 stores throughout Brazil.

  • As a result, the improvement of the order picking process and stock control stands out, generating a R$ 1 million reduction in wasted inventory and development of KPI's for the DC.

land trade and services

Company created to collaborate in the judicial recovery of Tracomal Mineração, acting as a negotiator of assignments of credits.

07/2009 to 07/2010

Financial assistant

Report to the Manager


  • Issuance of credit agreements / Financial and accounting entries / Contact with suppliers and negotiation / Creation and issuance of periodic reports

Outstanding Results

  • Mapping of expenses

Trachomal mining

Extraction and export industry of ornamental stones (marbles and granites). Headquartered in the state of Espírito Santo and extraction quarry in Bahia.

06/2006 to 06/2009

Import and Export Wizard

Report to the import coordinator


  • Verification and registration of customer orders.

  • Interface with the office in the United States and China.

  • Negotiation with shipping agencies for international freight.

  • Logistics for transport of internal containers.

  • Follow up with internal and external customers.

  • Issuance of export documents such as: invoice, packing list, B/L, invoice, withdrawal, fumigation certificate, certificate of origin.

  • Monitoring arrival of containers at destination.

Outstanding Results

  • Acting as a focal leader or broker representative for the informatization project of all export documents.

DFX International Transport

International intermodal transport company, customs clearance and road freight. Head office in Rio de Janeiro.

05/2003 to 06/2006

Commercial assistant

Report to the branch manager (Vitoria/ES)


  • Interface between customer in the domestic market and supplier in the foreign market / Negotiation of the best mode of transport and search for better freight rates / Follow up / Receipt of documents and import and release of bill

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